St. Gregorios college takes its name from Saint Gregorios of parumala who is our patron Saint. The college was founded in 1964 by His Grace Mathews Mar Coorilos, the Bishop of Kollam Diocese who later became His Holiness Moran Mar BaseliosMarthoma Mathews II, the Catholicos of the East. The founding of the college was the successful realization of a long-cherished dream. His Grace Mathews Mar coorilos who always desired to increase and expand the educational facilities within the diocese worked tirelessly in that direction surmounting various difficulties. It was certain that the establishment of the college would immensely benefit students from Kottarakara and its neighboring localities. The foundation stone of the college was laid by His Grace Thoma Mar Dionysius the then Metropolitan of Niranam Diocese at 10 am on Monday, 22 June 1964, and the college was declared open on Monday, 6 July 1964 by late lamented His Holiness Moran Mar BaseliosOugen I the erstwhile Catholicos.


The college, a Christian institution draws its inspiration from the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and His humble follower, saint Gregorios of Parumala. The college has various aims and objectives which can be broadly stated as educational, social, and moral. They are as follows:-

  • To become an institution of higher learning open to all and founded on God’s purpose and His Providence      
  • To become a source of light and life to many and a blessing to the land
  • To inculcate in the students, the spirit of inquiry and the thirst for knowledge
  • To instill excellence in the field of education St. Gregorios College, Kottarakara Calendar 2019-20 16
  • To become an institution for molding the students as responsible citizens who will integrate themselves into the national fabric without prejudices and complexes
  •  To produce dedicated young men and women with proper leadership qualities and for a social service commitment
  • To inculcate a true spirit of tolerance and co-operation among those belonging to various communities, religions, and ideologies
  •  To foster in students, love, brotherhood, moral uprightness, courage, service, sacrifice, discipline, nationalism, and concern for the environment

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