The College Logo is composed of a diptych partitioned in the middle by a cross in the Orthodox Christian tradition. The ancient crucifix is one of the popular religious and cultural symbols of the St. Thomas (Nasrani) community of Kerala, and comprises three cloves at each end, representing the Holy Trinity. The central portion of the crucifix features a circular icon bearing the likeness of Saint Gregorios of Parumala, the visionary patron saint of the institution. The inspiring life lessons imparted by Saint Gregorios, such as piety, social upliftment through a secular education, and service to fellow man regardless of religion, caste and creed, continue to guide all endeavours of the institution. The icon is encircled by the name of the institution. The left panel of the diptych depicts an open book: a universal symbol for learning and wisdom. The right of the diptych shows the rising sun. This image encapsulates the hope of a better, more promising future that can be made possible only by an enlightened and educated citizenry. The institution’s motto – Study, Serve and Sanctify in God – is inscribed at the bottom of the logo. The motto clearly conveys our most dearly cherished values: namely, to cultivate a life-long love for learning, to use the knowledge thus gleaned for the service of humanity, and to dedicate all efforts for the glory of God.

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