The significant evidence-based knowledge created through academic research has clearly demonstrated valuable insights. As a result, evidence-based knowledge creation, the forte of academic scholars at universities worldwide, continues to be essential. This focus on university research has spurred the creation of research centers, with many dedicated to specialty areas of attention. Our college has been quite fortunate to have two major research centers allotted by the university over the last two years. The first research center was allotted to the commerce department, the second was allotted to the physics department. Established with an international, and most importantly, an interdisciplinary scope, the Center aims to advance the knowledge and practice of modern evidence-based management and to foster impactful research. Pioneering such an agenda, the Center lends itself to contributions in research, teaching, and service to both the academic and the communities. To achieve these expectations, the Center relies upon five important elements that are essential for a successful research center: structure, people, process, dashboard metrics, and financial support.



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