By health, we not only mean a physically fit body, but a mentally balanced personality which is value added with emotionally stable and culturally rich aspects. The utility of Health Clubs can only be understood through active involvement, which will certainly help in creating a healthy society and leading to responsible citizenship as, healthy people work better and carry forward a progressive nation. Health Club is an association of students in College for taking care of everything that goes in to prescribing ways and activities for students to possess good overall health (Mental Physical, Emotional and Social). Club meetings were conducted on a regular basis and the following aspects were emphasized throughout the academic year.

  • The students were encouraged for 3R (reuse, recycle, regenerate).
  • The students were sensitized about cleanliness and to ban plastic products in the campus.
  • Students were constantly made alert about the significance of proper hygiene and sanitation


Dr Aswathy Aromal S Rejani V Koshy


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