St. Gregorios College has a reputation for excellence in research supported by a high-caliber staff. The college is committed to excellence in fundamental research as well as the development of innovative technologies for the future. The institution aims to provide world-class research by having collaborations with industries, institutions, and other universities. To establish the task, the college has a research committee that is delegated to steer research. The college currently has thirteen recognized research guides working under various departments. The institution is enriched with well-experienced faculties who had obtained their doctoral degrees from renowned national and foreign institutes. The college has two research centers under the University of Kerala.

The Department of Commerce got its recognition as a Research Centre in the year 2020.with an objective to create quality teachers, researchers and to make the students meet the challenges in the industry. The goal of a research center is to enable interaction between faculty, scholars, students, and industry to enhance research opportunities, academic excellence, real-world problem solving, and knowledge creation and dissemination. The department currently has two Research Guides five research scholars. Several research papers have been published in national and international research journals and some of the research papers have appeared in journals with high impact factors. The Research center constantly looks for new areas to shed light on and bring to the attention of the academic community, with a focus on rigor, relevance, and actionable implications. In terms of rigor, we ensure that every research venture (subject to its scope) is empirically, conceptually, and analytically rigorous. This means that not only are the empirical studies rigorous in their approach, but also the conceptual and analytical studies.

                 DST-FIST-supported Department of Physics got recognized as Research Centre under the  University of Kerala in 2021. The Research Department of Physics has two dedicated research labs namely the “The Material Research Lab” and the “Centre for Atmospheric Studies”. The  Material Research Lab is dedicated to research in Nano Technology and Thin Films. The major focus of the lab is on national priorities such as energy, sensors, and healthcare. The center is equipped with nanomaterials synthesis facilities, characterization, and simulation tools. The Atmospheric Research Centre aims to achieve excellence in the key areas of research on aerosols and clouds, par with international standards. The center works towards addressing some of the regional issues of pollution monitoring and Environmental Management.DST- FIST supported department of Zoology has active research in areas of marine life science and allied fields employing their well-equipped BIOTECHNOLOGY LAB 

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