The Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP) is a skilling intervention, jointly implemented by the Department of Higher Education and the Department of General Education, Government of Kerala, since its inception in September 2012. The prime objective of ASAP was to respond to the preventive dimension of the unemployment challenge and focusing on imparting job-oriented skills to the needy youth in the age group of 15-24 years alongside their mainstream academic pursuits in government and government-aided schools and undergraduate colleges.

The classes at Saint Gregorious College usually start in the month of November. Dr.Sumi Alex is acting as the ASAP coordinator for the last 5 years. The main idea behind the programme was to address the low employability among the youth of Kerala through the introduction of foundation training (in Communicative English and basic IT skills) and vocation training. The foundation course has been designed with a vision to enhance communicative competence leading to the holistic development of the students. Effective communication skills have become increasingly essential to strengthen personal, social, and interpersonal relationships. The different sessions and activities conducted here are directed towards imparting effective communication skills, language proficiency in English, and the skills required for employability and better performance at the workplace.

The approach was student-centered, activity-oriented, interactive, and task-based. The different sessions and activities conducted are;

Personal Skills sessions are designed to introduce students to the concepts of self-awareness, self-confidence. The sessions also helped the students to overcome their inhibitions in using the English language, to identify their strengths, and develop abilities and aptitudes that are essential for successful social interaction and employability. The activities are designed with a focus on fluency, helping each student to enhance his personal as well as his language skills. The organizational skills help the students to become more efficient, punctual, disciplined, and productive. The professional skills sessions focused on developing the skills required for securing jobs. It is specially designed to help the students to identify suitable professions and develop the skills appropriate for them. The Social Skills focused on developing a set of skills and positive qualities that are essential for success in personal, social, and professional dimensions.


Dr. Sumi Alex – ASAP Co-ordinator


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