The College Council is a statutory body consisting of the principal, the manager’s nominee, the various heads of departments, two elected members of the teaching staff and the administrative Assistant. The Council conducts a regular assessment of curricular and co-curricular activities in the campus and make relevant proposals concerning planning and development.

Council Members  
Dr Sumi Alex Principal (Chairperson)
Dr. Jubin Mattappallil Vice Principal
Dr. Jino Nainan Head, Dept .of Mathematics
Dr. Fergy John Head, Dept. of Physics
Dr. Francis Chacko Head, Dept. of Chemistry
Dr. Archana G R Head, Dept. of Botany (Secretary)
Dr. Rani S Dharan Head, Dept. of Zoology
Mrs. Sreelakshmi Jayan Head, Dept. of Political Science
Dr. Sumi Alex Head, Dept. of Commerce
Mrs Geethu Thomas Head, Dept. of English
Dr Capt. Indulal C R N C C Officer
Mrs. Anju Alex Elected Representative
Dr. Lekshmi G M Elected Representative
Dr. Paul John Librarian
Mr Prince P Office Superintendent

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