The promotion of credible and socially beneficial research is crucial for nation-building. At present, the institution has one approved research center: namely, in the P.G. Department of Commerce. Eight of our faculty members from across five disciplines have been recognized as research guides by the University of Kerala. The institution hopes to expand its research output significantly in the coming years. To monitor the standards of research being carried out, the institution has framed a research and ethics policy. The implementation of the policy is duly monitored by the Research and Ethics committee.


To re-affirm the institution’s stated mission to propagate meritorious research
To create an atmosphere and the facilities required to incentivize research from faculty and


  • Research centres under St. Gregorios College, Kottarakara shall strictly adhere to the guidelines prescribed by the University of Kerala for research. This includes:
    –Research scholar: Supervisor ratio
    –Attendance requirement of the research scholar
  • Research scholars must mandatorily sign the attendance register at the time of entry and exit. prior to attending seminars, conferences, undertaking surveys, and other such academic activities, the research scholar must submit applications for duty leave from the center, duly recommended by their supervisor.
  • If the scholar has to avail leaves for any other purpose, written reasons must be provided to the center.
  • The institution has a zero-tolerance policy toward plagiarism. Research supervisors are tasked with instructing their wards on the need for integrity in research. The consequences of plagiarism must be strongly impressed upon the scholars by the supervisors. Scholars are required to update their supervisors on the progress of their research every six months.
  • Innovative, preferably interdisciplinary research with socially beneficial outcomes shall be encouraged.
  • Prior to thesis submission, scholars should have to their credit a minimum of two publications in UGC care list approved journals. (Scholars should strive, if possible, to have an international publication during this time.)
  • At the time of completion of research work, a copy of the thesis must be handed over to the research centre.
  • The mental and emotional health of the scholars is of utmost importance. Any occurrence which disturbs the mental well-being of scholars and impedes the fruitful progression of their Research shall be reported to the Research and Ethics committee. Such occurrences can include (but not be limited to) harassment. The committee shall then take the appropriate action: either by providing speedy redressal to the scholar’s grievance or by redirecting him/her to the anti-sexual harassment cell or the counseling cell, as the situation warrants.

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