The Academic Integrity Panel has been functioning in the college since 2018 according to the regulations of UGC . The panel ensures the integrity and honesty of all academic writing produced by the students, faculty, staff and researchers of the college. Special attention is focused on students of the college to foster in their young minds, a spirit of academic truthfulness and accuracy, which they are expected to carry forward in their careers. Awareness classes and seminars are arranged to sensitize the college community about the need for responsible conduct and publication of research, thesis, dissertation, journal articles and books. Monitoring of academic work is done at the department level and institution level. The institutional and department level panels address any concerns raised about dishonest academic writing in the college and resolve the complaints following the guidelines issued by UGC. These institutional mechanisms constantly strive to maintain the quality of the research and academic writing created in the college. Awareness about the moral dishonesty of plagiarism and its consequences are clearly conveyed with clarity to all the members of the college. Members committing acts of plagiarism are promptly punished in order to ensure an atmosphere of academic integrity and transparency. The college community is constantly encouraged to maintain a sense of probity and rectitude in all the processes of academic knowledge creation, big or small, conducted in the college.

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