St. Gregorios College offers the following add-on certificate courses for the students of the College. These courses will provide the students with ample opportunities to acquire additional job-oriented qualifications while pursuing their regular degree programme.


Sl. No. Course Name Offering Dept. Co-ordinator Syllabus
1 Pathway to IELTS English Dr. Sajeesh S Download
2 Certificate Course in Communicative Hindi Hindi Dr. V John Panicker Download
3 Skills in Basic Arithmetic, Reasoning and Logic Mathematics Ms. Reshma U Download
4 Data Analysis Using Statistical Techniques Statistics Dr. Seema S Nair Download
5 Rainwater Harvesting and Management Physics   Dr. Indulal C R   &   Ms. Rejani V Koshy Download
6 Chemistry of Household Products Chemistry Dr. Manu V Download
7 Mushroom Cultivation and Marketing Botany Dr. Archana G R Download
8 Ornamental Fish keeping and Breeding Zoology Ms. Lincy Alex Download
9 Threshold to Indian Constitution Political Science Ms. Sreelakshmi Jayan Download
10 Diploma in GST Commerce Dr. Sumi Alex Download
11 Basics of Library and Information Science Library Dr. Paul John Download
12 Yoga and Meditation General Ms. Beena G P Download

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