The Discipline Committee is entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining a harmonious, conflict-free campus atmosphere, which is the chief pre-requisite for the smooth functioning of any educational institution. The committee ensures that students adhere to the code of conduct prescribed by the college. All breaches of the aforementioned guidelines, including physical violence and other such disruptive behaviour, will be swiftly enquired into by the committee and stringent action will be taken against the offenders. At present the committee is constituted by 16 faculty members from various departments. The members are:

  • Dr.  Indulal C.R. (Co-ordinator) – Department of Physics
  • Dr.V. John Panicker  – Department of Hindi
  • Fr.  Biji P.  – Department of Syriac
  • Dr. Francis Chacko – Department of Chemistry
  • Ms. Beena G.P.  – Department of Mathematics
  • Dr. Jubin Mattappallil  – Department of Malayalam
  • Ms. Asha G. – Department of Physics
  • Ms. SreelekshmiJayan  – Department of Political Science
  • Dr. Remya R. – Department of Chemistry
  • Mr.  Shalaj R. – Department of Botany
  • Dr.  Manu V.  – Department of Chemistry
  • Mr. Kevin Thomas Villoth  – Department of Commerce
  • Dr. Jean Jose J.  – Department of Zoology
  • Dr.  Sajeesh S. – Department of English
  • Mr. Nevin John  – Department of Mathematics
  • Dr. Rinu Sam S. – Department of Physics

Discipline Rules

It shall be the bounden duty of every student to abide by the rules and regulations of the college and conduct himself with discipline and decorum in all places and under all circumstances.

  1. Every student should attend classes regularly and punctually.
  2. Students are expected to wear clean, suitable clothes and their identity cards (This is mandatory as per G.O.No. 26483/GI/15/H. Edn.dated 12/10/2015) in the campus.
  3. Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited.
  4. Ragging is a punishable offence and students are expected to treat each other with respect.
  5. Smoking or indulging in other reprehensible habits within the college premises are also forbidden.
  6. Proper respect must be paid to the staff both inside and outside classrooms.
  7. Malpractices at examinations and test papers will be severely dealt with.
  8. Students should not cause any damage or loss to the property and articles of the college
  9. Students who do not have classes during a period should not loiter on the college veranda or in the premises.
  10. Political activism has been banned on the college as per the Hon’ble High Court Order No. WP (C) .No. 24286 of 16 (1).
  11. Requests and representations on behalf of the class and notices if any kind should not be circulated among the students anywhere within the college premises without the written permission of the Principal.
  12. Meetings of any kind will not be held within the college premises without the written permission of the Principal. Prior permission of the Principal should be obtained for:
  13. Organising special meetings, entertainments or social functions in the College
  14. For using loud- speakers, megaphones the college premises
  15. For inviting persons from outside for any function in the college 
  16. For collecting subscriptions ofany kind from the students and staff members of the college
  17. When a student has any doubt on any matter concerning college discipline, he may seek guidance from the Principal or any of the Heads of Departments. A student who violates any rule or regulation of the college is liable to be punished. The decision of the Principal in matters of discipline shall be final.
  18. The management has the authority to conduct an enquiry against any student regarding his misconduct.
  19. Any matter not covered by the above-mentioned rules shall be decided by the Principal from time to time.

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