Bhoomitrasena club is an initiative of Directorate of Environment & Climate Change under Department of Environment and Climate.  Club conducts different activities to create among the students the awareness about the importance of protecting our nature & environment. The club promotes students in maintaining a clean and healthy campus by planting more trees, conducting seminars on topics related to current environmental problems and nature camps.


  • To encourage the college students appreciate environment and environmental issues of the locality
  • To provide environmental education opportunities for college students and involve them in addressing environmental issues of the locality
  • To operate the enormous manpower available with college students as outlets for awareness of the society
  • To make students practice sustainable lifestyles


  • Organise awareness camps to propagate waste minimization, personal hygiene habits and sustainable life styles.
  • Organize publicity to the programme to encourage more colleges and   students to join BMCs
  • Action based activities like tree plantation, cleanliness drives both within and outside the college campus, practice paper recycling. cloth bag production etc.
  • Organise seminars, debates, lectures, and popular talks on environmental issues in the College.
  • Field visits to local environmentally important sites including wetlands and reserve forests



   Dr. Lekshmi GM                                                           Lincy Alex


  • BHOOMITRASENA CLUB REPORT   2019-20  Read More


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