A defining moment in the history of Kottarakara was the establishment of St.Gregorios College by His Grace Mathews Mar Coorilos, the then Bishop of Kollam Diocese. By this, the Founder Manager meant that education should be made available to the common man despite divisions based on caste, creed, and religion. True to this belief the goal of our educative endeavor is to produce integrally formed young women and men who will be agents of social transformation in today’s India. The college continually strives to increase sensitivity to social and environmental issues and nurtures commitment and participation in young minds. This has been unhindered even in the wake of the Covid pandemic by reorientation through e-learning and learning management systems. It  is all in keeping with our motto ‘Study, Serve and Sanctify in God.’ Our alumni form part of the local, national and international elite. Being at the helm of this institution, I deem it my privilege and honor to acknowledge and thank the Management, staff, well-wishers, and stakeholders of the college for their commendable and continued contributions towards reaching our goal.

                   DR SUMI ALEX

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