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The department started its funtioning in 1964, when the college began as a junior college. From 1981, the department is offering UG course in Mathematics and complementary courses for the sudents of BSc Physics and BSc Chemistry programmes. Prof. K Kununjamma and Late Prof. Gopinatha Pillai were the faculty members of the department during its initial stage. From 1998, the department is offering PG programme in Mathematics. The department has an excellent record of academic performance throughout the course of its functioning, have acquired many credits and lourels by acheiving University Ranks both in UG and PG programmes. It has been successful in endowing the meritorious students with a deeper academic insight and prudence. Besides beeing a vibrant deparment, its role and contribution to the overall curricular and extracurricular activities are commentable. Many a time the members of the faculty were at the helm of many prestigious programmes of the college.


1. Mrs. Jessyamma George, M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil (Associate Professor)PROFILE

2. Mr. Jino Nainan, M.Sc (Maths), M.Sc (Stat), B.Ed. (Assistant Professor & HOD)PROFILE

3. Mrs. Beena G P, M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil (Assistant Professor)PROFILE

4. Mrs. Anslin T M, M.Sc., M.Phil (Assistant Professor)PROFILE

5. Mrs. Jolly George, M.Sc., B.Ed. (Assistant Professor)PROFILE

6. Ms. Reshma U, M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil (Assistant Professor)PROFILE

7. Mr. Nevin John, M.Sc., B.Ed. (Assistant Professor)PROFILE


A. Undergraduate Courses

1. Core Courses in Mathematics for the students of BSc Degree Programme in Mathematics

SemesterCourse CodeCourse NameSyllabus
1MM1141Methods of MathematicsDownload
2MM1221Foundations of MathematicsDownload
3MM1341Methods of Algebra and Calculus-IDownload
4MM1441Methods of Algebra and Calculus-IIDownload
5MM1541Real Analysis-IDownload
5MM1542Complex AnalysisDownload
5MM1543Differential EquationsDownload
5MM1544Numerical MethodsDownload
5MM1545Computer Programming-IDownload
6MM1641Real Analysis-IIDownload
6MM1642Linear AlgebraDownload
6MM1643Vector AnalysisDownload
6MM1644Graph TheoryDownload
6MM1645Computer Programming-II (Practical)Download
6MM1651.3Complex Integration (Elective Course)Download

2. Complementary Courses in Mathematics for the students of BSc Degree Programme in Physics

SemesterCourse CodeCourse NameSyllabus
1MM1131.1Differentiation and Analytic GeometryDownload
2MM1231.1Integration and VectorsDownload
3MM1331.1Theory of Equations, Differential Equations and Theory of MatricesDownload
4MM1431.1Complex Analysis, Fourier Series and TransformsDownload

3. Complementary Courses in Mathematics for the students of BSc Degree Programme in Chemistry

SemesterCourse CodeCourse NameSyllabus
1MM1131.2Differentiation and MatricesDownload
2MM1231.2Integration, Differential Equations and Analytic GeometryDownload
3MM1331.2Theory of Equations and Vector AnalysisDownload
4MM1431.2Complex Analysis, Fourier Series and TransformsDownload

4. Open Course in Mathematics for the students of all First Degree Programmes other than BSc Mathematics

SemesterCourse CodeCourse NameSyllabus
5MM1551Operations ResearchDownload