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BSc Mathematics Programme (Six Semesters)

Structure of the First Degree Programme (BSc) in Mathematics

SemesterCourse CodeCourse NameCreditsSyllabus
I EN1111English 14
MA/HN/SY 1111Additional Language 13
EN1121Foundation Course 12
MM1141Core Course 14Download
ST1131.1Complementary Course in Statistics 12Download
PY1131.1Complementary Course in Physics 12
II EN1211English 23
EN1212English 34
MA/HN/SY 1211Additional Language 23
MM1221Foundation Course 23Download
ST1231.1Complementary Course in Statistics 22Download
PY1231.1Complementary Course in Physics 22
III EN1311English 44
MA/HN/SY 1311Additional Language 34
MM1341Core Course 24Download
ST1331.1Complementary Course in Statistics 33Download
PY1331.1Complementary Course in Physics 33
IV EN1411English 54
MA/HN/SY 1411Additional Language 44
MM1441Core Course 34Download
ST1431.1Complementary Course in Statistics 43Download
ST1432.1Complementary Course in Statistics (Practical)4Download
PY1431.1Complementary Course in Physics 43+4
V MM1541Core Course 44Download
MM1542Core Course 53Download
MM1543Core Course 63Download
MM1544Core Course 73Download
MM1545Core Course 84Download
      1551Open Course2View LIST
VI MM1641Core Course 94Download
MM1642Core Course 103Download
MM1643Core Course 113Download
MM1644Core Course 123Download
MM1645Core Course 134Download
MM1651Elective Course2Download
Subject Codes:
EN = EnglishHN = HindiMA = Malayalam
MM = MathematicsPY = PhysicsST = Statistics
SY = Syriac
Open Course:
BSc Mathematics students have to choose one open course in the fifth semester, offered by any Department other than the Department of Mathematics.