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Vision and Mission

Our Vision

A stream in a desert sounding welcome note to seekers of knowledge.

An island of refuge that looms in an ocean of crises.

A spontaneous nerve-centre of creative activities and positive responses.

A cosy umbrella under which a soul may couch noble aspirations.

A home that makes one really nostalgic.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower the youth who are to become responsible members of a democratic society to reach high levels of achievements and to acquire the knowledge, skills and values to build a bright future.

We value a strong public education system through partnership of faculties, students, school, family and community.

We value each and every student; the uniqueness and diversity of our students and our community.

We value the commitments, skills, equity, innovation, accountability and accessibility of our staff in such learning- environments that are safe, nurturing, endearing, positive, and respectful.