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BA Degree Programme in Political Science(Six Semesters)

Structure of the First Degree Programme in Political Science

SemesterCourse CodeCourse NameCreditsSyllabus
I EN1111English 14
MA/HN/SY 1111Additional Language 13MA HN SY
EN1121Foundation Course 12
PS1141Methodology and Perspectives of Social Sciences3Download
EC1131Foundations of Economic Theory [Complementary]2Download
HY1131.2History of Modern World (1789-1900) [Complementary]2Download
II EN1211English 24
EN1212English 33
MA/HN/SY 1211Additional Language 23MA HN SY
PS1241Introduction to Political Science4Download
EC1231Money and Banking [Complementary]3Download
HY1231.2History of Modern World (1901-1920) [Complementary]2Download
III EN1311English 44
MA/HN/SY 1311Additional Language 34MA HN SY
PS1321Informatics and Political Science3Download
PS1341Indian Constitution4Download
EC1331Public Finance and Trade [Complementary]3Download
HY1331.2History of Modern World (1921-1945) [Complementary]3Download
IV EN1411English 54
MA/HN/SY 1311Additional Language 44
PS1441Dynamics of Indian Political System4Download
PS1442Introduction to Comparative Politics3Download
EC1431Indian Economy since Independence [Complementary]3Download
HY1431.2History of Modern World (After 1946) [Complementary]3Download
V PS1541Public administration4Download
PS1542Ancient and Medieval Political Thought4Download
PS1543International Relations2Download
PS1544Research Methods in Political Science4Download
PS1545Human Rights in India4Download
      1551Open Course2View LIST
VI PS1641Modern Political Thought4Download
PS1642State and Society in Kerala4Download
PS1643Decentralization and Participatory Democracy4Download
PS1644New Social Movements3Download
PS1651.2Introduction to Public Policy Analysis2Download
Subject Codes:
EC = EconomicsEN = EnglishHN = Hindi
HY = HistoryMA = MalayalamPS = Political Science
SY = Syriac
Open Course:
BA Political Science students have to choose one open course in the fifth semester, offered by any Department other than the Department of Political Science.
(CLICK HERE to view the list of Open Courses offered)