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College Council

The College Council is a statutory body consisting of the principal, the various heads of departments, two elected members of the teaching staff and the administrative assistant. The Council makes regular assessment of curricular and co-curricular activities in the campus and makes relevant proposals concerning planning and developments.

Council Members

  1. Dr. Suman Alexander

    Principal (Chairperson)

  2. Jiji Peter

    Head, Dept. of English

  3. Rev. Fr. D Jacob

    Head, Dept. of Malayalam

  4. Jino Nainan

    Head, Dept .of Mathematics

  5. James George

    Head, Dept. of Physics

  6. Dr. Francis Chacko

    Head, Dept. of Chemistry

  7. Annamma Thomas

    Head, Dept. of Botany

  8. Rani S Dharan

    Head, Dept. of Zoology

  9. Dr. Shaji K

    Head, Dept. of Political Science

  10. Dr. Sumi Alex

    Head, Dept. of Commerce

  11. Thomas P George

    Head, Dept. of Physical Education

  12. Dr. John Panicker V

    Elected Representative

  13. Arun Mohan

    Elected Representative

  14. James Daniel

    Junior Superintendent