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In 2009-10, the Department of Environment and Climate Change, Government of Kerala has put forward the idea of starting Bhoomithara Sena Clubs in colleges. As per the direction from the government, this club was started in our college in the same year. The main objectives of the club are:
  • To encourage the students to appreciate and focus on environment and environmental issues of their locality
  • To provide environmental education opportunities for college students and involve them in addressing environmental issues of the locality, and
  • To utilize the enormous manpower available in colleges to practice and advocate sustainable life style.
A good number of students in the college are members of the club and it conducts various seminars, workshops and environment conservation activities, every year.


The Book club of our college aims at stimulating the students’ interest in good books and developing the reading habit of students. It helps the students to develop their skills in creative writing and gives them the opportunity to present, express, evaluate or critically review their own works as well as the works of other recognized writers. The club meets regularly in the seminar hall on alternate Tuesdays at 1.15 p.m.


The Debate Club aims at promoting public speaking and debating capabilities of the students. It is listed in the CBCSS regulations, as an activity from the participation of which a First Degree Programme student of the university has to earn one credit during the 3rd and 4th semesters.


There is a wide gap between the availability and requirement of energy in the world. Therefore, we must be careful in the utilization of energy. Our environment also must be conserved for the survival of the humankind. The purpose of this club is to spread the message of efficient utilization of energy and protection of our environment among the student community.


To inculcate ‘Entrepreneurial Culture’ among the students, an Entrepreneurship Club is effectively functioning in the college. The objectives of the Entrepreneurship club include: inculcating values like integrity, hard work, discipline, honesty etc., sensitizing students on the real economic and industrial development scenario of the state, instilling entrepreneurial culture in students, bringing in successful entrepreneurs and students on a common platform and creating academic and Industrial research linkage.


Forestry is an inter-disciplinary profession embracing the science, art and craft of creating, managing, using and conserving forests and associated resources in a sustainable manner. Forest is the most important component of the biosphere. The forestry club in the college is effectively functioning for creating awareness about nature and natural resources among the students. It also intends to beautify the college campus by planting and nurturing flowering plants and foliage trees.


The Health Club of the college aims at creating awareness in the students about health and sanitation. It provides the services of reputed doctors and public health experts who help to clarify doubts among the students regarding health and hygiene. It provides assistance to the college management and students in maintaining the cleanliness of the campus.

M. G. O. C. S. M.

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The music club is one of the most vibrant clubs in the campus. It has been organized to develop the innate talents of students who have a taste for music. The club aims to refine and rejuvenate the minds and souls of students with the sweet melody of music. It also intends to enhance the creativity of students by providing them a platform to exhibit their musical talents. The club is functioning with the active participation of the talents of various departments and has been performing well in the various programmes of the college and the university.


Nature Club is a co-curricular activity that attempt to spread awareness about environment and undertakes activities to nurture the skills and talents of the students. This club conducts trekking, rock climbing, photography and a variety of other programmes. It attempts to create awareness among students about the importance of maintaining and preserving the soil and the water bodies and to protect the biodiversity. Various activities of this club create proper awareness about the significance of conserving nature and natural resources.


Planning forum is a co-curricular forum proposed by the university for enhancing students’ understanding about socio-economic issues and panning. It is one of the activities listed in the CBCSS regulations, from the participation of which a First Degree Programme student of the university has to earn one credit during the 3rd and 4th semesters.


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The Quiz Club is constituted for promoting students’ general awareness and knowledge in current affairs. The club encourages the reading habits of the students and arranges discussions, talks and quizzes to increase their knowledge and competitiveness. Over the years, the college quiz teams drawn from the members of the Quiz Club had won several prizes in various inter-collegiate and university and state level competitions.


The Science Forum aims at spreading the message of development through science. The activities include conducting surveys, seminars etc. to make the students as well as the general public, aware of the ways of overcoming the problems related to development. The Forum also envisages the screening of films that have educational value.


Tourism in Kerala is going through a significant phase of growth. Setting up of Tourism clubs in colleges is aimed at creating proper awareness about tourism among youth. This club contributes much to inculcate the significance of tourism in the Indian economy among the young generation. Tourism club effectively functioning in the college and the club conducts seminars and talks on the relevance of Tourism in Kerala. Various activities of this club impress the younger and upcoming generation, the importance of tourism in their career and there by generate a positive attitude towards tourism.


We are witnessing a time when social, moral, environmental and community values are questioned or often violated. The harassment, abuse, atrocities and the like, against women are increasing daily. At this crucial hour they should be made aware of the impending danger and they must be equipped to resist all kinds of adversities against them. The Women’s Study Unit aims at creating awareness among girl students on various aspects of social life, including good manners, promoting artistic and literary talents, and organising workshops for promoting activities that have practical value. The unit is effectively functioning in the college to train the girl students to face the challenges of life. Membership to the women’s study unit is restricted to girl students.